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Gudmundur Gudmundsson

Gudmundur is well known from the world of handball. In 2016, he won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games as the head coach of the Danish men’s handball team – the greatest achievement in the history of men’s handball in Denmark. In 2008, he won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as the head coach of the Icelandic men’s handball team, which endures as one of the greatest achievements in the history of Icelandic sport. Gudmundur is an experienced traveler and knows Iceland like the back of his hand, especially in terms of specialized adventure tours and experiences. Gudmundur will greet most groups arriving in Iceland on our behalf and relate his experience in the field of travel in Iceland. Interested parties can also book Gudmund’s lecture “The Road to the Olympic Gold in 2016.“

Sigurd K. Kolbeinsson

Sigurd has lived in Denmark since 2001 and has a wealth of experience in the business of tourism, both as regards the selling of trips to Iceland and also with regard to servicing groups and business travelers who are visiting Copenhagen. Sigurd has been cooperating with Icelandair for years and has, in the past 10 years, overseen the visits of over 150 groups in cooperation with the airline. Sigurd has also specialized in organizing golf trips to Iceland.

Hinrik Ólafsson

Hinrik has many strings to his bow, including being one of the most experienced tour-guides in Iceland, specializing in looking after visitors, film crews and incentives.  Has made his own TV documentary’s mostly about nature and science and also been as a local TV producer on many BBC, National Geographic TV productions filmed in Iceland. Been a host for celebrities and Royal Families from Scandinavia in Iceland. He loves to share his great knowledge of Iceland to his quests.